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New LA Rams Stadium Stands Out in Suite Design

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The Ram’s new Inglewood stadium will stand out for years to come with its suite designs, center-hung video boards, free-standing concession stands encased in glass, and a full service food hall that will be open year-round. All this coming from HKS Associate Principal & Senior VP Andy Henning, whose company is serving as the facility’s architect.

Many of the new spaces in the stadium are being built with the common California indoor-outdoor look and feel. The premium seat offerings include the Lux Cabanas, a California-driven, beach themes club at field level behind one end zone.

Besides these, thee will be two Stage Clubs, designed mid-level in the stadium’s corners and will span multiple floors, connected by a grand staircase that projects into the seating bowl. Film studios, modeling agencies, and recording studios can potentially use these spaces for release parties, Henning said. There will also be quite a few smaller suites that can accommodate six to eight people and will be laden with today’s most popular electronics.

The 2.5 billion dollar stadium, with 70,250 fixed seats is “trending” towards 250 suites and 15,000-20,000 club seats and lounge boxes. Henning said, “Final numbers have not been determined pending the possibility of a second team joining the Rams in Inglewood.

The Ram’s new video board beats the Cowboys center hung screen at the AT&T Stadium. At 120 yards long, the “Oculus” and the Ram’s are calling it, is nearly double the length.

The stadium sits in the flight path of the Los Angeles International Airport, and to conform with FAA height restrictions, construction will push the playing field 100 feet below. As part of the six to eight entrances to the building, HKS is designing “canyons”, which are heavily landscaped spaces ties to the escalators, stairs and ramps that will take fans down into the seating bowl.

The stadium’s rood, made of ETFE, a clear plastic material, is similar to the roof at the U.S. Bank Stadium that the Vikings are opening in July. In Inglewood, the roof will included a shade component to protect patrons against the sun’s rays while still bringing in some of the cool winds that are a part of the regional climate. “It’s a win-win in the greatest climate in the world.” Williams said.


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