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Two St. Paul’s School Alumni announce formation of Greenland Apparel, LLC

By October 21, 2015Inside News
Greenland Apparel Golf Shorts

Two St. Paul’s School Alumni announce formation of Greenland Apparel, LLC and debut a new line of athletic apparel just in time for football season.

For Immediate Release

COVINGTON, October 21, 2015 – Two friends from Covington, Louisiana announced the formation and launch of Greenland Apparel, LLC, a new purveyor of golf and specialty athletic apparel. Greenland Apparel, LLC will help locals suit up for the 2015-2016 season in fashion by providing men and women with some of the latest trends in custom golf apparel, made using specialty stretch woven fabrics tested and proven to keep wearers cool and dry.

The specialty stretch fabrics in Greenland Apparel’s products deliver a featherweight, soft, and breathable feel. The weightless fabrics in their trademark plaid designs allow sweat to be wicked away, keeping athletes and tailgaters alike comfortable from the first hole to the last touchdown.

Chandler Cleveland and Jacob Greenberg, founders of Greenland Apparel, LLC, are no strangers to the golf course, and know first-hand what is most comfortable while playing. Despite the fact that the athletic apparel industry is stocked with well-established companies, Greenland Apparel’s founders know that they have something to offer locals that other national groups cannot.

“We’re taking a different approach with Greenland Apparel, and that’s because we’re focused on creating comfortable, unique, and fun apparel that we want to wear ourselves,” says Greenberg. “Our business model is a vehicle to promote local, school and team pride. We are looking to build up this company through hard work, good attitudes, and common sense. Greenland Apparel will definitely fill a void in the golf and athletic apparel industry.”

Greenland Apparel’s fall 2015 line of men’s golf shorts are now available for purchase on their website. There you can find the company’s online store, product galleries, blog posts, and more information on the company and its founders.

About Greenland Apparel

Greenland Apparel, LLC, based in Covington, LA is a designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic apparel, and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. For more information, visit www.greenlandapparel.com or follow @WearGreenland.

For more information, email info@greenlanapparel.com

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